Pinkaliciously Pink

Pink, Pinkalicious cupcakes, could not be achieved with beet juice or raspberry juice. After my gluten free cake batter turned grey after adding them I had to get McCormick food dye.  The neon pack. (What I did find after I made these was All-Natural Maraschino Cherries made by Tillen Farms. They are gluten free and colored by radishes and black carrots.)
I wanted them to be similar enough to the illustrations  After months of my daughter requesting pink cupcakes that I had planned on making these for her next birthday. When her birthday was approaching she still wanted pink cupcakes like the ones drawn by Victoria Kann. 
And she was happy! 


  1. My, my, my, I would make all kinds of cupcakes to please that little red-headed girl.

  2. She would be pleased. And she would love you, Merry!


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