Paper Bird (Gift Card Holder) Ornament

Paper Bird (Gift Card Holder) Ornament

Supplies:  heavy cardstock paper, ribbon and/or embroidery floss, scissors, hole punch.


start by cutting these 2 simple shapes 
Step 1
Cut out shape 1 the bird body.
Make this large enough to conceal a standard size gift card. (The bird's wing will aid in concealing the card.)

Step 2
Cut out shape 2 a wing.
This shape should be just large enough to snugly fit a gift card like
an envelope would.

Step 3
Attach the wing to the body. Stitch wing on using a large needle and
embroidery floss, using a running stitch. Take care in the placement
of the wing to properly conceal the gift card from the front yet roomy enough to easily pull out from the back.

front view; with card mostly concealed

Step 4
Loop a ribbon and attach to top for hanging.

Step 5
Add embellishments of your choice; thread, glitter or ink markings,
anything you like.


You may decide to present this hanging on a tree branch, popping out
of a stocking or tucked into a (large) card.

here is a slimmer bird body
back view; slimmer body allows the card to pop out more
front view; with embroidery floss


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